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Our Tourism Experience

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

At the end of 2019 we were lucky enough to be selected by Tourism NI as one of the Experience Providers to launch and represent their new experience brand, Embrace A Giant Spirit. This brand will be used up to 2030 so it was a fantastic opportunity to be part of something that will provide a lasting legacy to our visitors and tourism trade. I highly recommend checking out some of the wonderful experiences on the website linked below. Here a description of our Experience from that same website specially made for the launch of Embrace A Giant Spirit;

The best way to really see the Fermanagh Lakelands is from the water, and if your boat is skippered by Barry Flanagan, you'll see and hear so much more – from tales of island life, to the distinctive call of a moorhen.

There is no set itinerary and countless possibilities. Starting from Enniskillen, Ireland’s only island town, Barry will choose your route, based on his knowledge of Lough Erne’s changing currents, seasons and movements of wildlife.

As you travel, he will show you secretive creatures such as kingfishers, and intrigue you with poignant stories of the now largely uninhabited islands, from the Bronze Age to the 1980s.

For centuries, these islands were home to thriving communities making a living through farming and fishing; at the turn of the 20th century, there were around 500 residents.

“ It gives us a chance to showcase one of the most unspoilt, beautiful waterways in the world. ”

Barry Flanagan, owner of Erne Water Taxi

Approaching one of the islands, Barry turns off the boat engine so you can hear… nothing but silence. You’ll see other landmasses, however, where there are still plenty of inhabitants: sheep, pigs and cows which have been transported here by ferry and look pretty happy to be roaming around on their very own island.

On Devenish Island, meanwhile, you can experience the peace of the sixth century monastery and see the ruins of notable churches. For many people, this is a spiritual moment. For others, it’s simply a fascinating slice of history, or a chance to savour the tranquillity.

Like your time on Lough Erne, it all seems far removed from the pace of the everyday modern world. “From Enniskillen, in 15 or 20 minutes you can feel like you have gone back in time,” says Barry. “You’re looking at landscape that hasn’t changed.”

After your trip, Barry can drop you off at the luxurious Lough Erne Resort (a five-star resort which hosted the 2013 G8 Summit), or take you back to Enniskillen, a magnet for foodies.

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Island Discovery - Just one of the many sites you can experience, Devenish Island.

Colin Davidson's unique Embrace A Giant Spirit Logo.

The Blue and Yellow represent our waters, coast and seas. Lush Green represents our fertile countryside and the Rich magenta for the passion and energy of our people.

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